Kitchen Island and Peninsula

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Kitchen island and peninsula closedshould be so large that it will fit a dining area very small – it is better to make the open and at least partially combine with the dining room or living room c using kitchen island or peninsula kitchen island – it is a very attractive piece of interior in a large kitchen closed, he could become the dominant element in the open – an interesting detail not only the cuisine but also. Beautiful Modern Style Kitchen Modern and Exclusive Layout The living room the island requires a large area let us not succumb to temptation and create uncomfortable islands! often there are boards with attached bathroom cabinet, separated from the main kitchen of the series formed in this way the island has a width of kitchen countertops and a small work surface this kitchen island – it is functionally wrong decision it does not fit all the necessary items, and during cooking, we are separated from the main. Exclusive Interior Design Options Beautiful Kitchen Interior Design – Stylish Decor Table tops and other equipment in this case, even the usual ottsezhivanie potato or pasta will become a problem, because it is associated with moving heavy pots of boiling water to the sink and back increase the working surface, applying the traditional version of the installation of and equipment kitchen island should be wider than the table top (eg, half) around the plate to leave enough space needed not only to put the pot, but also for the. Stylish Layout Design Trends - Kitchen Interior Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas Preparation of certain products or arrangement of plates there must necessarily be in sink with one compartment this solves the problem of moving pans of boiling water and allow to cook at the same time from the – we can quickly do the dishes, or add water to the soup well, when the island has other functions, for example, if there is a place for mealtimes as you can see, the number of functional requirements for the kitchen. Exclusive Kitchen Decorative Design Ideas Interesting Interior – Kitchen Design Ideas Island is slightly different from those that apply to the entire kitchen good island – this is the kitchen in a nutshell, the remaining cabinets and countertops allow you to store and cook food tabletop – peninsula the easiest way to accommodate in one room, n and dinette kitchen peninsula, built from the lower cabinets, the space divides the kitchen and at the same time offers a convenient tabletop we should have a good think about the spatial. Beautiful Interior Design Options Beautiful Kitchen furniture Construction of the kitchen do not forget, if we do not have the conditions to accommodate a kitchen island, placing it not worth it it would be better to equip the peninsula, through which you can get a similar spatial and decorative effect it can also become a successful form of separation from the living room kitchen, a place, replacing the table, and at the same time (in terms of preserving the integrity of the working table top).

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