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The victorian style emerged in the second half of the nineteenth century during the reign of queen victoria this style seeks to highlight the furniture becomes more sophisticated, elaborate and expensive the british empire reached its glory under his rule the furniture took up the traditional style as opposed to. Modern Living Equipment Living Decorative Ideas The old classic in architecture, the tudor and gothic false became popular, there was a shift toward resuming extravagance medieval italian design qualities this style is characterized by eclecticism, bringing together the best of different styles in the furniture the rooms were equipped with abundant decoration, carpets, walls and curtains. Beautiful Design Layout and Organization Beautiful Living Room Layout – Interior Decoration Of different colors there is a predilection for lamps, ornaments, figures, etc , which form intimate and cozy one of the characteristic elements are the elaborate victorian style legs of chairs and tables today the victorian style is catching on again, always in combination with existing furnishings to enhance the. Amazing and Modern Design Layout Modern Interior Design Impact that these pieces produced style furniture: wood is the basic material of this style, used as a structural base of each piece the natural colors go well with this decoration as they highlight the details, but there was much use of dark colors to give rigidity to the design. Elegant Living Room Layout Design Ideas Beautiful Living Room Decor Ideas The use of antique furniture adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to the home the most outstanding pieces of victorian furniture were the cabinets with small drawers and desks the main features of victorian style in interior decoration are: – the different patterns and fabric upholstery – dark furniture. Beautiful Living Room Decor - Living Room Design Ideas Stylish Layout Design Trends Carved oak and walnut – use of velvet and damask fabrics for upholstery and draperies – faux marble finishes in the woods – windows and tasseled valances – hardwood floors covered with oriental rugs – raised wooden boards or other materials – chandeliers, crystal lamps are synonymous rate drop this.

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