Interior Minimalist

Interior Minimalist

minimalist bedroom interior

minimalist bedroom interior

It would seem that it may be easier – to create an interior and minimalist: throw out everything superfluous, leaving a minimum, only the most necessary. But an undeniable law of creation states: the simpler things, the harder it done. It is very difficult to stop in time and do not overload, do not spoil the superfluous details of art, furniture or interior. Minimalism in its various versions into fashion periodically. The desire for it arises, usually at the turn of epochs, when the artistic value of the previous era swept aside, and take their place new ones. At such times, people usually feel a sense of fatigue, mood of decadence, then there is this desire for a simple and pure forms and solutions. It revived the fashion for minimalism. The formal origins of minimalism lies in constructivism the 1920′s, and spiritual – in the “Zen” interiors in Japan.Stylish luxury bedroom interior ideas Stylish luxury bedroom interior ideas Stylish luxury bedroom interiors Stylish luxury designer furniture

ultra modern minimalist design interior

Light in interior style minimalism. The modern interior in a minimalist style can be described as a simulation of space and light using only the necessary items. The most important thing when creating a minimalist interior is a competently planned space, in which many scattered, quiet light, which creates a sense of luminous walls and ceiling, an abundance of air.Exclusive luxury living room designs Exclusive luxury living room furniture design Exclusive luxury living room furniture ideas minimalist home

minimalist home

Layout of interior in the style of minimalism. To the feeling of latitude and space, space as possible is released from the internal walls. Big is not draped windows, filling the space with light, connect the housing with the outside world, making it part of the interior in a minimalist style. Glass partitions, light walls and ceiling, shining light floor create a sense of unrestricted freedom. Zoning of space in a minimalist style is made with the help of color sex, translucent fabric or glass sliding partitions, using the lights in the walls, floor or ceiling. Lamps are usually not visible, or they are simple in form. Glass shelves racks, glass tabletops and cabinet doors as if dissolved in air, not zasnimaya space. No knick-knacks, accessories are very few. The windows – simple in form blinds made of transparent fabric or metal. They too should be almost unnoticeable.Beautiful luxury kitchen designs Beautiful luxury kitchen designs ideas Beautiful luxury kitchen interior ideas minimalist bathroom

minimalist bathroom

The color palette and minimalist interior light, based on the game tones, a lot of white, graphic quality accentuated by black or gray. In general, black and white combination is a great foundation that emphasizes the benefit of any color. The palette complement the natural tones of wood, brick, metal, glass glitter. Use simple natural finishing materials, often rough, rough texture: bricks, concrete, wood or plaster. In minimalist interiors are very important simple shapes and lines, as well as almost no decor on windows and walls. The interior is minimalist “game” in the subjects: the interior is enlivened by single expressive detail – standing in a white room, a lone black vase, or – a bright splash of paintings on the wall. Light matte walls can be a perfect backdrop for a small number of subjects of painting (better graphics) or toasters appropriate style. An important detail in the interiors done in a minimalist style – paintings should be framed in a simple thin frame.Luxury stylish wooden furniture Luxury teak outdoor furniture ideas Modern asian furniture designs Modern designer luxury furniture white living room

white living room

The forms of furniture in a minimalist style interior is also simple: the sharp corners, no plastic lines. Sofas with rectangular cushions and armrests rigid, such as chairs and tables rectangular, almost cubic shape. The upholstery is light, single-colored, contrasting with a few “spots” – pillows, for example. There is nothing superfluous, everything is hidden deep down. Therefore, the furniture dominate the catwalks, closed cabinets, and ideally – boxes for storage.Color Kitchen Design Ideas Modern Kitchen Furniture Small Kitchen Interior Designs modern sofa design

modern sofa design

Interior materials in the style of minimalism. The use of metal in the interior gives it a minimalist modernity: metal table-tops in the kitchen, legs of chairs, rack shelves. And the sunlight reflected from the glass and a smooth metal, creating an atmosphere of joy, lightness and airiness. It is now the kingdom of emptiness and light, geometrically correct forms and horizontal planes. The surfaces of objects in the interiors of minimalism preferably made from solid plates and floors – the most long and wide boards. Sami surface must be perfect, minimalism can not bear fragmentation and untreated.Relax in comfort and modern bathroom Bath-accessory or a necessity for bathroom Style in the modern bathroom furniture Bathroom – satisfaction and comfort

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