Egyptian style luxury interior

Egyptian style luxury interior

bedroom of the dreams

Bedroom of the dreams

More and more popular today is the arrangement of the interior under any particular ethnic style, characterized by national characteristics and flavor of a country. And it is not surprising, since Absolutely Africa allows us to “go” in an exotic journey and immerse themselves in new and unusual atmosphere, and also gives the interior identity. One of these styles, which are actively used in the design of residential interiors, is an Egyptian style, based on the decorative motifs of ancient Egypt. Luxury bathroom look Luxury bathroom planning Luxury bathroom ideas Egyptian style interior

Egyptian style interior

This style attracts those who appreciate the monumentality of the laconic and geometric forms in ancient Egyptian art, and those who want to create in its interior like luxury apartments of Cleopatra, differing according to sources, the epic, wealth, special solemnity and grandeur. Unique luxury home office designs Outdoor Furniture Antique luxury outdoor furniture ideas Egyptian design bedroom

Egyptian design bedroom

Egyptian style decor in a modern interpretation has the distinct accents. Easily recognizable art forms, strictly ordered ornaments, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, gorgeous columns and murals – all indispensable attributes of style. In order to bring its interior spirit of ancient Egypt is primarily to determine the extent to which you are willing to fill the room visually accents the Egyptian style.  This is a very laborious and time-consuming work, because the need to think through every detail light zonation, arrangement of furniture and much more. After such a radical alteration of the house will simply be to “breathe” ancient civilization. Luxury home office desks Luxury home office furniture Luxury home office interior tips Egyptian dining room design

Egyptian dining room design

The main thing that they have been soaked in the same style and well-positioned – well-chosen and arranged visual accents create ethnic entourage, will give a room of elegance and mystery of ancient Egypt. From which the same elements formed decor rooms in the style of ancient Egypt? One of the compositional elements of traditional Egyptian style are architectural forms – arches, columns or piers. They may well be made out of advanced materials and decorated according to style. Stylish luxury living room interior decoration Stylish luxury office furniture Stylish modern luxury living roo Egyptian motive bathroom

Egyptian motive bathroom

Thus, the color palette in this interior shall be held in the “sand” color. Preference for neutral shades – pale yellow, beige, ivory, and ocher. And those colors are universal, since they fit perfectly in the living room and bedroom. As an ornament here is quite typical harmonious floral design, which is made of interwoven branches of pomegranate and grape vines, stems, cane and reed, lotus flowers and palm fronds. Luxury outdoor lighting ideas Luxury style in the living room Luxury style interiors – bedroom Golden Egyptian bathroom

Golden Egyptian bathroom

Curtains and linens to be as self-colored, bright colors and decorated with strict geometrical patterns. Particularly relevant here, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, fine wool. In addition, the Egyptian interior quite harmoniously with the furniture will look crisp symmetrical lines, as well as with typical Egyptian motifs. For example, a coffee table or a bed with legs in the shape of animal paws. It belongs to the interior of the Egyptian style, above all, will point to objects of art, style accents. Luxury kitchen interior designs Luxury kitchen interior furniture idea Luxury kitchen sink design luxury Egyptian bathroom

luxury Egyptian bathroom

It’s enough to put in a room of one or a few items, typical of the era. For example, in small niches can add a picture or decorative statuettes in the form of a sphinx head, the bust of Nefertiti or a small pyramid. A symmetrically spaced on the corners of the rooms are large outdoor ceramic vases will make the final touch to complement you’ve created interior. Stylish luxury living room designer ideas Stylish luxury living room interior decoration Stylish modern luxury living rooms Stylish tips for luxury living rooms

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